TPWF Award 2023: A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors for Incredible Goodie Bags – The Perfect World Foundation

TPWF Award 2023: A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors for Incredible Goodie Bags

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible sponsors for making The Perfect World Foundation Award’s goodie bags extra special this year!

Lernberger Stafsing AB

S.O.S Barrier Repair Cream  – Instantly calms and protects your skin, plus it also supports TPWF’s work to save pollinators.

Dryclean – Adds volume and refreshes your hair for that ultimate look!

BB Cream Leave-in Treatment – A beauty balm for your hair that moisturizes, protects, and fights frizz.

Dressing Brush Large – The perfect brush for all hair types, polished to perfection!


Caroline Svedbom Jewelry®

Mini Organizer – Store your precious sparkles in style!



Towels from VidHavet – Eco-friendly towels for that perfect spa experience!


Life by Follis

The premium tea, Life by Follis, from Tekompaniet – A taste of premium tea with eco-friendly packaging inspired by wild animals!



Flyaway Tamer from Björk – Tame those flyaways while nourishing your hair!



Awakening Eye Gels from Xlash – Brighten your eyes and reduce dark circles with these soothing gels.



Premium chocolate from Lindt EXCELLENCE – Luxurious, vegan dark chocolate made with the finest ingredients!



Vegan snacks from PÄNDY – Enjoy 100% vegan lentil cheese balls from PÄNDY!


The Perfect World Foundation

Coffee Table magazine from The Perfect World Foundation – The latest issue of The Perfect World Magazine features this year’s award winner, Kristin Davis, on the cover!


Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous support!

Photo: Petra Björstad, Tommy Holl, Rebecka Bjurmell, and Anton Engblom.

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