TPWF collaborates with divers to pick up waste from our oceans – The Perfect World Foundation

TPWF collaborates with divers to pick up waste from our oceans

It’s estimated that each year 640,000,000 kg, or 640 000 metric tonnes, of discarded fishing equipment end up as “Ghost Nets” or “Ghost Fishing Gear” in the world’s oceans. Which is equivalent to the weight of 50,000 double-decker busses. Ghost Nets continue fishing for up to 600 years resulting in millions of killed marine animals and fish every single year. The nets also comprise more than 50% of all harmful microplastic in the ocean.

There’re several problems connected to Ghost Nets; after being lost or dumped by the fishing boats, one must embark on the task of tracking, salvaging and recycling the nets.

The Perfect World Foundation Project Ocean is about bringing awareness to these problems, protecting marine life from harm, and creating solutions to be implemented on a global basis to finally put an end to ocean plastic and Ghost Nets.

Fredrik Johansson is the initiator of the initiative “Rena Mälaren”, where divers dive to pick up waste from our oceans. This is one of several initiatives The Perfect World Foundation supports in “Project Ocean”.




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