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Give a gift that makes a difference for our planet’s wildlife, nature and oceans. Or plant trees with your gift, which creates habitats and counteracts global warming. A beautiful, digital gift certificate from The Perfect World Foundation can be a Christmas present, a gift for a birthday or a baptism, or any other celebration. Write your personal greeting and choose between three motifs – a gift to support our work with wildlife and nature in crisis, plastic free oceans or tree planting. Your digital gift certificate can be emailed to you or directly to the person you want to congratulate.

Digital gift certificate


Choose a gift amount and pay

Step 1. Choose a gift amount for your gift certificate in the payment form. After completing your payment you are automatically directed to “Create and send gift certificate”.


Create and send gift certificate

Steg 2. Choose one of three different motifs:

Wildlife and nature in crisis worldwide

Tree planting, for wildlife and the climate

Plastic free and healthy oceans

Step 3. Enter your personal congratulatory greeting,
select recipient and send the gift certificate to the selected email address.

Example of digital gift certificate (tree planting)

Choose the gift amount and pay

Digital Gift Certificate

With your gift you support
The Perfect World Foundation’s work

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