The Perfect World Foundation & Greencarrier enter partnership to save the oceans – The Perfect World Foundation

The Perfect World Foundation & Greencarrier enter partnership to save the oceans

The Perfect World Foundation (TPWF) is proud to announce a new partnership with Greencarrier aimed at mitigating adverse effects on our oceans and protecting marine biodiversity. As the first organization to join the Greencarrier Foundation, we will work together to mitigate the negative effects of plastic pollution and lost fishing gear on oceans and marine life.

The oceans are Earth’s lifeline, covering around 70% of the planet’s surface and playing a crucial role in maintaining the global ecological balance. However, these valuable ecosystems are under serious threats due to human impacts such as pollution, climate change, ghost nets, and other lost fishing gear.

In order to counteract these threats, The Perfect World Foundation has launched Project Ocean, a comprehensive initiative that includes 10 action points to preserve the marine environment and biodiversity. By supporting this project, we can all contribute to ensuring healthy oceans.

“Through our Greencarrier Foundation, we are determined to make a positive impact by supporting maritime and ocean-related projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our industry. With Project Ocean and the help of The Perfect World Foundation, we can address the negative effects caused by human activities on, and close to, the oceans. Greencarrier’s goal is to tackle both the causes and effects of our deteriorating oceans, and The Perfect World Foundation is a perfect partner in helping us do just that,” says Patrik Westræus, head of sustainability at Greencarrier Group.

“The oceans are facing major problems, such as plastic waste and coral bleaching, which have a significant negative impact on marine life. Thanks to our cooperation with Greencarrier, we can increase our efforts to raise awareness about these issues and implement more concrete actions,” says Ragnhild Jacobsson, CEO and co-founder of The Perfect World Foundation.

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