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TPWF’s Continued Support for Khanyisa, the Albino Baby Elephant

On Khanyisa’s birthday on September 26th, TPWF was able to donate an additional $4,500 to HERD – who have been caring for Khanyisa.

Khanyisa, a rare albino elephant calf, was discovered trapped in a snare with severe injuries in January 2020. Her wounds were evidence of her desperate struggle to free herself over several days. With deep lacerations on her neck and cheeks, and a cut on the top of her right ear, she was found alone, with no sign of her herd.

From the very beginning, Khanyisa adapted quickly to life at HERD, forming a special bond with Lammie, a loyal resident sheep. Feeding her was more challenging due to her mouth injuries, but the dedicated team found innovative ways to ensure her successful nourishment.

Khanyisa has made remarkable progress since her rescue. Her wounds have healed, and her connections with the herd have naturally deepened. She now spends her days in the wild of the reserve with the other elephants, returning to the orphanage for the night. She will continue to depend on milk formula from our caregivers until she is weaned at approximately four to six years of age.

Khanyisa’s name reflects her unique appearance as an albino, as “Khanyisa” means “Light” or “Sunshine” in the local Shona language. Being an albino, she is more visible in the bush, especially when she lacks sand or mud on her body, making her susceptible to predator attacks. Her skin and eyes are also more sensitive to light. Fortunately, she is surrounded by her new herd and a dedicated team, all helping her overcome the challenges she faces.

Khanyisa remains a beacon of hope and inspiration to us and her loyal supporters worldwide!

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