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TPWF Award 2023: Thanks to Our Perfect Artists

Thanks to all the artists, musicians, and everyone who contributed to creating a truly magical evening at The Perfect World Foundation Award 2023!

A special, heartfelt shoutout goes to Karin Funk, the Head of Stage at TPWF, for her outstanding work in orchestrating the musical brilliance of the evening! From the soulful jazz trio featuring Fabian Kellerdahl, Olli Rantala, and Axel Mårdsjö, to Simon Larsson’s trumpet fanfare, music set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The night featured unforgettable performances from Hellmans Drengar, with their mesmerizing love medley, Linda Holberg, Martin Stenmarck, who not only graced us with musical brilliance but also served as the evening’s emcee, and the captivating Charlotte Perrelli.

Tusse delivered two soul-stirring performances, leaving the audience in awe. Isak Widmark, Magnus Höglund, Christopher Ek, Oskar Kälström, and the Wulfson Quartet, led by Max Wulfson, filled the night with enchanting melodies. And let’s not forget Anneli Axelsson and Mikael Henkelman, whose vocals elevated every note to a whole new level!

A massive shoutout to Nils von Matern and Katrin Jörstam, the choir producers, for keeping everything in perfect harmony!

Behind the scenes, a stellar crew including Andreas Carlsson, Niklas Olsson, Amanda Andersson, Peter Björlin, Dan Lindgren, William von Matern, Aron Qvarnström, Jenny Lundahl, and Axel Qvarnström worked tirelessly to bring the sound and lights to life.

This was an extraordinary team effort, and everyone involved deserves immense gratitude for making this night one to remember!

Photo: Petra Björstad, Tommy Holl, Rebecka Bjurmell, and Anton Engblom.

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