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TPWF Award 2023: Keynotes That Inspired Change

TPWF Award 2023 united an inspiring assembly of conservationists, experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers, all possessing the potential to shape a brighter world. Onstage, we were honored to hear from TPWF’s founders, Ragnhild and Lars Jacobsson, the esteemed nature photographer Mattias Klum, Ruth Ganesh representing The Elephant Family, Mary Powys delivering Jane Goodall’s heartfelt message to Kristin Davis, Kitipan Joel from one of TPWF’s Kenyan tree-planting projects, Adine Roode sharing insights from Herd, entrepreneur Isabella Löwengrip, TPWF’s ambassador Victoria Silvstedt, the Norwegian adventurer Inge Solheim, Hollywood actor and TPWF’s global ambassador Billy Zane, the remarkable TPWF’s global ambassador Sarah, Duchess of York, and our Conservationist of the Year, Kristin Davis.

We Were also touched by heartwarming video greetings from Angela Sheldrick, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Patrick King, Rob Lowe, John Paul DeJoria, and Pierce Brosnan.

A heartfelt thank you to Martin Stenmarck for your hard work and for masterfully presenting these heroes onstage.

Photo: Petra Björstad, Tommy Holl, Rebecka Bjurmell, and Anton Engblom.

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