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Information about Climate AID

Dear friends,

It is with sadness in our hearts that we are forced to announce that The Perfect World Foundation’s all planned events during the autumn, with the aim of raising funds and spreading knowledge about animals, nature and climate, are now forced to be canceled, or rather postponed. However, our golf event “The Ocean Golf” at Hills Golf Club, Gothenburg, Sweden, will be held on the 14th of September, so feel free to book it if you have the possibility.

As everyone understands, it is the situation with the Corona virus that stops this year’s events. Unfortunately, many animal and nature projects suffer from a lack of resources to continue their work due to Covid-19, and the reason is that tourism, which is often the largest source of income, has disappeared, and now also the support from us.

Together with this year’s winner, who will now also be next year’s winner, Prince Albert II of Monaco, we have set a new preliminary date, which is 8-11 September 2021, so feel free to book these dates in your calendar.

If you still want to be involved and support our work, you can, for example, become a monthly donor. In addition to supporting our work and the planet’s animals & nature, you get priority for all our upcoming events. Monthly donor as a private person is SEK 100, family SEK 200 and companies SEK 1,000. Click here to become a monthly donor.

With this we hope that you stay healthy and have a fantastic summer.

Best regards,


Ragnhild Jacobsson                                                                   Lars Jacobsson
Co-founder & CEO                                                                       Co-founder & Chairman                                             

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