Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Donates 17,902 euros to Project Ocean – The Perfect World Foundation

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Donates 17,902 euros to Project Ocean

In 2023, the Swedish jewelry brand Caroline Svedbom Jewelry has been supporting The Perfect World Foundation’s by donating 10% of all online sales from their “Endless Summer” jewelry collection. The fundraising efforts have culminated in Caroline Svedbom being able to donate 17,902 euros to The Perfect World Foundation’s initiative, Project Ocean.

The oceans are Earth’s lifeline, covering around 70% of the planets’s surface and playing a crucial role in maintaining the global ecological balance. However, these valuable ecosystems are under serious threats due to human impacts such as pollution, climate change, ghost nets, and other lost fishing gear.

In order to counteract these threats, The Perfect World Foundation has launched Project Ocean, a comprehensive initiative that includes 10 action points to preserve the marine environment and biodiversity. By supporting this project, we can all contribute to ensuring healthy oceans.

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry has long been engaged in the work of The Perfect World Foundation and has previously made significant donations to the Project Ocean initiative, as well as supported TPWF’s annual awards ceremony, The Perfect World Foundation Award.

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