More than 300 Beluga whales are kept in captivity all over the world – The Perfect World Foundation

More than 300 Beluga whales are kept in captivity all over the world

A life in captivity is miserable for these wonderful, social and intelligent white whales. In the wild, beluga whales live in flocks, sometimes in groups of over 100 individuals. The whales’ natural habitat is mainly areas with Arctic sea ice. Swimming around, around in shallow, small pools with far too hot water is a painful fate for these fantastic animals… where their only task is to entertain visitors by balancing balls on their noses and jumping through rings. Worldwide, more than 300 beluga whales are kept in marine parks and aquariums as tourist attractions.

Chanceless alone in the open air
Whales that are rescued or taken care of when tourist parks close have no chance of surviving in the wild. They are trained to eat dead fish and no longer know how to hunt for their own food. A life as a single choice released from captivity is not an option.

Unique rescue project
Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland is the first in the world to create a large sea reserve where rescued beluga whales can get a new chance in life. Here, after adaptation training and with supervision, they have a happy life in the open sea. The Perfect World Foundation’s “Save the Beluga” campaign in collaboration with Marie Nila is involved and supports this unique project… everyone deserves a second chance!

Join us and help beluga whales
You can either buy Maria Nilas Vegan Box with their wonderful products “Soft” or donate a gift to our Save the Beluga campaign and we will fight together for beluga whales that have lived in captivity to get a second chance!

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