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Our mission: Cleaning up the Ocean, One Bucket at a Time

The Blue Bucket campaign is all about bringing people together to clean our oceans, just like the inspiring story of Operation Dynamo. In this historic event, ordinary people used their boats to save soldiers in a time of great need. Our Blue Bucket is a symbol of this same spirit of unity and action.

When you join "The Blue Bucket", whether you're a boat owner, part of a marina, or a community group, you become part of a big family dedicated to saving our seas. Together, we can make a real difference. It's not just about picking up plastic once; it's about changing how we all act to keep our oceans clean forever. We believe that by working together, we can create hope and a future with plastic-free oceans.


More than 10,000 Blue Buckets have been distributed to boat owners, volunteers, and companies. Together, we join forces to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans.

In the US alone, there are around 12 million boat owners, giving the world a chance to build the world’s biggest fleet that can unite against ocean plastic. With your support, we can advance our mission, strengthen our commitment, and expand our reach. Every boat owner out at sea is likely to encounter marine plastic, and the Blue Bucket is there as a reminder to pick up the plastic and not let it pass.

Together, we forge an unwavering alliance against the plastic menace that plagues our oceans. Every Blue Bucket, every boat owner, and every person who cares about the sea has a role to play. Will you be the one to make a difference?

How It Works

For Marinas

  1. Join as a Blue Bucket Marina: If you operate a marina for recreational boats, join us and become a ‘Blue Bucket Marina’.
  2. Get Your Blue Bucket Kit: As a part of the campaign, The Perfect World Foundation will send you The Blue Buckets, along with a Blue Bucket flag.

For Boat Owners

  1. Pick Up Your Bucket: Visit your participating marina to collect your own Blue Bucket.
  2. Show Your Support: Additionally, you can get a “Plastic-Free Seas” decal. Display it on your boat to proudly show your commitment to fighting against ocean plastic.
Blue bucket
The Blue Bucket Battle for the ocean
The Blue Bucket Battle for the ocean


Our impact is clear for all to see as we work to fight plastic pollution and protect our precious oceans. We’ve engaged thousands of individuals, boat owners, and companies in our mission to save the seas.

The Blue Bucket is part of a growing movement that’s attracting more people every day. We want to inspire everyone to join us and help save our oceans. Soon, we will be launching an app that makes it easy for everyone to report how many Blue Buckets of trash they’ve collected. This will help track our collective impact and encourage even more participation.

The Blue Buckets aren’t just containers; they represent our shared commitment to the ocean. Boat owners, inspired by their importance, have become dedicated ocean protectors, cleaning up and encouraging others to join in.

Our impact isn’t just about cleaning up; it’s also about getting communities involved and caring for the ocean. The awareness we’ve raised is starting conversations and leading to action.

But our work isn’t done. The ocean still needs our help, and we need your support to make an even bigger impact. Together, we can keep making positive changes and leave behind a cleaner, healthier ocean for the future.


The Blue Bucket Advocate Dr. Sylvia Earle

As a pioneering marine biologist, Sylvia Earle has spent countless hours beneath the waves, conducting groundbreaking research and advocating for the protection of marine ecosystems. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, she was honored with The Perfect World Foundation Award in 2017. Her passion and commitment to ocean conservation have made her a natural advocate for The Blue Bucket campaign. Sylvia Earle’s endorsement of The Blue Bucket serves as a powerful testament to the campaign’s mission to combat plastic pollution and preserve the world’s oceans for future generations.

Joel Kinnaman: A Champion for Ocean Conservation

The Hollywood actor Joel Kinnama involvement in The Blue Bucket campaign serves as a shining example of his dedication to the environment. By endorsing The Blue Bucket, he amplifies our message, inspiring countless individuals to take action against plastic pollution. His support reinforces the belief that real change is possible when influential voices join forces with grassroots movements.