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Stop Talking! The clear message from climate-worried youth around the world.

IPCC has released yet another alarming climate report which confirms that politicians have not done enough. The Perfect World Foundation and Climate AID World Forum is releasing hundreds of testimonials from worried young people all over the world. The clear message to global politicians: Act now! Stop Talking!

50 years ago, our politicians, governments and the United Nations were informed of the climate problems. At the Stockholm Climate Conference in 1972, alarming scientific reports on dramatically raising CO2 levels in the atmosphere were presented to the UN and global politicians. Maybe they listened, but they obviously didn’t hear!

The Conference in Stockholm was followed by the “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro 1992, Berlin 1995, Geneva 1996, the Kyoto Protocol 1997… and 43 years later, in 2015, the Paris Agreement, which was signed with the goal to limit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably to 1.5°C, compared with pre-industrial levels.

And now 2021, following another alarming climate report from IPCC, the 26th COP / UN Climate Conference is to be held in Glasgow. Many scientists believe that we have around 1% chance, or less, to realize the target of the Paris Agreement. Instead, they say, we are most likely moving towards a temperature rise of 3–4 degrees Celsius. It is apparent. Not enough is being done!

Young people all around the world are anxious about the reality of a bleak future. They have – by all rights – lost trust in the promises of their governments, global politicians, and the UN. The future of the young generation is at stake.

The Perfect World Foundation and Climate AID World Forum is teaming up with non-profit organizations around the world to channel the voices of the youth and to mobilize to them to pressure our politicians to act.

“We need to learn from the past and do things differently in the future. The IPCC report is alarming. Remember that we are playing with our own future. We let the young voices be heard. They are the ones most affected and forced to live with the consequences of today’s political decisions”, says Ragnhild Jacobsson, CEO and co-founder of The Perfect World Foundation and Climate AID World Forum.

To stress the extreme urgency and add pressure on global politicians and COP26, the Climate AID World Forum now releases hundreds of testimonial videos by young people around the world, each telling a story about how climate change affects their lives, their communities, and their countries.


Climate AID World Forum is integral to The Perfect World Foundations’ work to save and protect our planet’s biodiversity with a focus on the climate. The Perfect World Foundation is a non-profit organization working with wildlife and nature in crises, around the world. By raising knowledge and raising awareness, our aim is to build courage and preconditions for change, one step at a time. Our clear mission is to save the world.

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