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Plant trees through Action Bears Club NFT

The Action Bears Club is an engaging way for anyone to get involved in offsetting their carbon footprint.

Revenue from Action Bears Club NFTs directly funds The Perfect World Foundations Tree Planting initiative, Attenborough Forest. Buyers can track how much money is raised and where the money is spent, with evidence of carbon retirement via S&P Global’s retirement registry.

The Perfect World Foundation’s attempts to support and help polar bears are almost exclusively about stopping global warming. In addition to arranging two expeditions to Svalbard with the aim to document and spread awareness about the results of arctic research projects, the foundation organized a climate conference and a fundraiser ’The Polar Bear Ball’ together with Sir David Attenborough in 2018.

To combat global warming, due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, The Perfect World Foundation has initiated the global tree planting project “Attenborough Forest”. Trees naturally and efficiently absorb carbon dioxide, thereby reducing the effects of global warming. Our goal is to plant one million trees and at the same time, we work in parallel to develop new climate-smart technologies, in order to save polar bears and all other life on Earth … including human life.

The Action Bears Club helps TPWF to save sea ice and heal the climate for polar bears through trees.

When you buy one of the digital collectibles from Action Bears Club, you will be helping to fund tree planting in the Attenborough Forest.

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