Mattias Klum announced as New Ambassador for The Perfect World Foundation – The Perfect World Foundation

Mattias Klum announced as New Ambassador for The Perfect World Foundation

The internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum joins The Perfect World Foundation as an ambassador. In this role, he will be an important voice in supporting the organization’s efforts to preserve Earth’s biological diversity.

Since the 1980s, Klum’s work has been featured in leading international publications, such as The New York Times, BBC Wildlife, Vogue and his nature photographs have graced the cover of National Geographic a total of 13 times. As an ambassador for The Perfect World Foundation, he joins an impressive roster of ambassadors who support the organization, including Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, and Hollywood actor Billy Zane.

The Perfect World Foundation works to protect biological diversity through both its own initiatives and support in various forms to hundreds of independent grassroots projects worldwide, which include actions such as tree planting, beach cleaning, and direct support to save wild animals in crisis.

For over three decades, Mattias Klum has been driven by a deep commitment to draw his audience into a closer understanding of endangered environments, species, and cultures.
His inspiring work has also included award-winning films and TV productions, as well as the authorship of 15 books, two of which were in collaboration with Johan Rockström and one with Dr. Jane Goodall.

The Perfect World Foundation annually presents The Perfect World Foundation Award, one of the world’s most prestigious conservation awards. Previous recipients include notable figures such as Sir David Attenborough, Dr. Jane Goodall, Kristin Davis, and Prince Albert II of Monaco. One of The Perfect World Foundation’s purposes, through both the award and collaboration with ambassadors, is to increase engagement with animal and nature issues, especially among people living in larger cities where contact with nature may be more limited.

Mattias Klum has previously supported the work of The Perfect World Foundation, and a collaboration with Akademibokhandeln was initiated in 2020, where a series of products featuring unique nature images from his travels was launched. The sales contributed to raising funds for The Perfect World Foundation’s work in supporting animals and nature in crisis. Furthermore, Klum has made appearances as a speaker and guest at The Perfect World Foundation Award.

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