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... but heavy demand crashed our network.

Our ambition was to get 10.000 people to enter our network the first months but we got more than 10.000.000 people entering. The Perfect World is a success and we are now building a new platform to make sure that we will be able to meet the crazy demand. Please keep your eyes open, and join our mailing list to become one of the first new members of The Conscious Network. Of course if you already have an account, all credentials will be transferred to the new site and you will be good to go at the launch.

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Check out the Foundation!

The Perfect World Foundation is the organization behind The Perfect World and we're as active as ever. Check out our brand new site to see what we´re up to!

What is The Perfect World?

Greenhouse gases, Global warming, Extreme weathers, Global economic growth, Demands on wealth retention, Seven billion people, more than a billion new heavy consumers, Daily impact on the biodiversity, poaching, Deforestation, Acidification, Melting polar areas... We can go on forever! The Perfect World is a network and a tool for conscious people to help Animals and the Nature, a platform for information, communication, education and above all; a platform to Take Action.

Together we will create the preconditions for The Perfect World. We must not only find and resolve the symptoms of the problems! We must find and solve the problems that cause the symptoms.

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