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    Sea ice loss from climate change is the primary threat to polar bears

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    The Ocean Ball

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    Expediton Svalbard

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    The Prince of Wales receives the award, after Mark Shands tragic death.

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    The Elephant Ball

  • 06

    One Elephant is killed every 15th minute

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    Dr Jane Goodall- Conservationist of the year

  • 08

    The Elephant Ball

  • 09

    Sir David Attenborough, TPWF Conservationist of the year 2018

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In focus

Great media attention when TPWF awards Sir David Attenborough in Gothenburg

Great media attention when TPWF awards Sir David Attenborough in Gothenburg

There is no doubt that it's big news that Sir David Attenborough is coming to Gothenburg for The Polar Bear Ball and The Climate Conference, where he receives The Perfect World Foundation's honorary award, The Conservationist of the Year. Daily Mail, GP, Sydsvenskan, SvD, and many more have reported this news in recent days. Here are all articles:

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TPWF on a new Arctic Expedition

TPWF on a new Arctic Expedition

The Perfect World Foundation made a following up Expedition to the Arctic also this year to find out if there were any changes...

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Maria Nila donates to help Manta Rays

Maria Nila donates to help Manta Rays

Maria Nila donates SEK 100,000 to support The Perfect World Foundation's Save the Ocean campaign. The funds will be used to support the preservation of Mantas in Indonesia. 

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TPWF meets with Sir David Attenborough

TPWF meets with Sir David Attenborough

TPWF's founders, Lars and Rags Jacobsson, meets with Sir David Attenborough in his home in London.

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Conservationist of the year award

Every year The Perfect World Foundation gives an award for the best conservationist of the year.

Expedition Svalbard 2018

On June 15, TPWF’s second expedition to Svalbard will take off together with our ambassador Ola Skinnarmo, to learn more about how the climate change effects the arctic areas and its wild animals.

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Exclusive exhibition with the wildlife photographer Shannon Wild!

This beautiful picture was shot on Svalbard last year by TPWF ambassador Shannon Wild, who is a professional wildlife photographer from Australia. In the end of May 2018, we will have an exclusive exhibition with her fantastic photos as we have the greatest honour to have Shannon visiting us in Gothenburg. Stay tuned for more info.

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